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$1.4 million!

I wish I could say that number was given to Hearts Up Ranch….. but alas…. it was payed for a thoroughbred race horse! And $1.2 million…. and $1.1 million….. and $950 thousand….. this went on for hours and hours for two weeks straight while we were here- the famous horse sales at Keeneland Race Track.

It was quite a spectacle to see- truly amazing. Lots of beautiful and athletic horses. Lots of people hoping to win big. We even sat on the bidding floor for a few minutes and we had to be careful not to wiggle our nose! The auctioneer spotters watched every move everyone made and you couldn’t even tell who was bidding!

Popcorn was being passed out, people were taking pictures, friends were meeting just to sit and watch.

But we did get the inside tour of Keeneland before the sale even started. Our host, David, works on the computers and video system there, so he gave us the grand tour. Now we’ve really seen a bit of culture in Lexington!

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