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2,000 mile mark!

We actually find it hard to wrap our minds around this! We can visualize nearly every day of this trip, but to actually comprehend that we have ridden a horse 2,000 miles is overwhelming! Have you ever accomplished something big and look back and say- “did I REALLY just do that?!” It’s like you know you did and you don’t doubt it, but it’s hard to wrap your mind around the whole concept! Feels like some sort of crazy dream! Well, I guess it kinda was! :)

It was a pleasant day. Not too cold. The horses were moving out nice. Richard rode Fiddle again for the first time in quite a while. Gary and LeeAnna drove by on their way to the city and took pictures of us ‘in action.’

Then something happened that just made my day-  we got honked at by a train! I mean- we’ve been honked at thousands of times by cars, motorcycles, trailer trucks, RV’s, buses- but a train?! We’ve been along the tracks long enough that the conductor must have seen us before because he waved out the window with great excitement! It was one of those long box car trains that was obviously heading a long ways. The horses weren’t terribly concerned about the honk (he did it as light as he could but it was still kinda loud.) That was soooo cool! How many people have been honked at by a train?!!!! Maybe he was saluting us as we crossed our 2,000 mile mark! :)

We met Risa along the road. She drove up and said that LeeAnna had told her that she had to come meet us and invite us to church! So she did. We didn’t have a place to stop that night so Risa and her husband ended up inviting us to their house where we enjoyed the comfort of their living room floor instead of our tent! :) We spent Sunday with them and went to their church’s Christmas pageant. Back at their house, we spent hours tickling and playing with their two awesome kids who taught us how to use a Wii game for the first time, and eating a nice Sunday dinner with the family.

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