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23 miles in one day!

Considering we covered 20 miles each day for three days in a row, the horses are doing great! 20 miles a day average has been our goal and this is the first week we have hit that mark. Today, the third day, we did 23 miles and the horses were still energetic and even wanted to break into a trot! We were thrilled to see that their endurance is really improving. Tiska’s shoulder apparently is doing well. She was back to her old fiesty self today- trying to pass Apache instead of follow. Fiddle’s wither scar is finally not rubbing anymore. We are glad we took the plunge and cut her saddle pad. It really seems to have helped. And Apache had another 100% barefoot day!

Moods were overall quite good today. Richard and I sung songs like goofs, made up comedy routines, and laughed alot. He told me a story he had never thought to tell me before. Years ago when we were in college, he had gone on a ride with a crazy friend and decided he would see if it was possible to pee off his horse. You can imagine the result- it was more like peeing ON his horse! The details are hilarious and made me laugh until I started snorting! :) Do any riders have any crazy stories to tell about things they tried to do on a horse that didn’t go so well? It’d be fun to make a collection of stories for a blog!

I got some great shots of Richard riding in the early sun light. He is slowly healing from his fear after the accident he had a few months ago. He even pulled the pack string for a while today for the first time since then! We enjoyed our water stop today at an artesian well. We haven’t heard the sound of gushing water in a while, so it was a pleasant stop. We were ready to be done at 20 miles, but made the 23 miles without too much trouble.

We stopped at the Hay Ranch for the night and the horses had a great treat- their first pasture in over two months! They still had enough energy to run and buck and thoroughly enjoy just being horses. Al and Kelly had us for dinner, as well as let us stay in their guest house and take showers! Overall, it was a very successful and pleasant day for the ride across America. For the record- I LOVE this picture of our ponies! :)


  1. You guys are awesome! Congrats on such a successful day! You are an inspiration to all those you encounter on the trail & on-line :) I am loving following your adventure. Blessings to you & your ponies

    P.S. Love your pics!

  2. That’s an awesome picture of the horses rolling in the dirt! They look so happy! Glad you guys had such a good day!

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