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3000 miles !!!

We left the West’s house and headed toward another very exciting milestone- 3,000 miles!!! This may be our last one thousand mile increment. At least we sure hope so! :) As the crow flies, we have traveled the distance of the continental United States! Wow. That just blows my mind even though we’ve been on every step! Cool! We can’t believe we have ridden 3000 miles- it still just doesn’t seem possible! God has been so gracious to us in giving us and the horses the strength to make it this far. In Philippians 4:13 it says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” We have leaned heavily on that this past year. Jeannette and I both ran out of strength and motivation a long time ago, and have relied on Christ’s strength to get out of bed every day.  It’s hard to believe we have ridden every step of the way and and that we are now more than three quarters of the way there. We are now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. :) 

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Daddy! :)


  1. You give me strength and encouragement. There are days I don’t think I can make it and then I think of what you have done and I realize that I have nothing to whine about . You truly are an inspiration. Hope you are ALL resting and feeling better.
    God Bless!

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