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Two Journies Intersect

Our first day in Virginia was somewhat amusing and very special! First, we had a reporter and several locals show up at our riverside campsite while we were packing up.

Then we rode through the town of Narrows and were shortly after flagged over by a police officer. You guessed it- someone complained about poop in the road! This brought back memories! Oh Kansas, you will forever be infamous and very loved in our memory. :) The officer did his ‘duty’ to check out the call and was really cool about the whole thing. But basically, he came out to see us and wish us well!

Then we saw a ‘landmark’ that was very exciting and meaningful to me as we entered the outskirts of Pearisburg. We crossed the Appalachian Trail! Why is this so special? Because my younger brother thru-hiked it from Georgia to Maine several years ago. He has been an inspiration to me to follow my dreams as I watched him follow his. He periodically gave me information throughout the years that he discovered about horseback treks, which encouraged me not to give up on the dream. So I paused at the trail marker, stepping in the very tracks that my brother walked- one journey intersecting another. It was personally a special moment and it was an emotional “we really are almost there” feeling to cross the most famous north-south trail on the East coast. And as a special side note, I found it pretty cool that this blog is posting on his birthday. Happy Birthday little bro- you are an inspiration to me. :)

As we passed through town, I took notice and must share that Pearisburg gets a blue ribbon in my book for being surprisingly respectful and courteous as they drove around our horses! We did some banking in town, which created quite a buzz around town! Then our horses were getting thirsty, so we pulled over at Friends and Family Restaurant to ask them if we could use their outside water spicket. A quick pit stop turned into a ‘Friends and Family’ experience! They not only watered our horses, but fed us, fed Bella, gave us ice cream, took pictures, contacted the local sheriff to request they help us over a large bridge a mile up the road, and truly made us feel like new friends.

We left refreshed and joyful, and were soon being tailed by a sheriff. We looked back to make sure he wasn’t pulling us over, and thankfully, it was just our escort showing up to help us safely over the bridge. :) The officer, Joe, followed us all the way to Rembroke where we were hosted by an American Legion. After setting up ‘camp’ inside the building and putting our horses ‘to bed’ in the neighbors field, Joe picked us up and brought us to his friend’s house where we were treated to a several course meal! We had a very interesting conversation revolving around the locals fighting to get the 10 Commandments publicly displayed in schools as part of a collection of historical documents that were part of the foundation of America- most of which contain ‘God’ references upon which our country was founded. It’s in court and everything. If the little town Pearisburg wins the fight to include ALL documents that were part of the founding fathers’ basis for developing this democracy, it could impact the entire country. Pretty cool story.


  1. I remember your brother’s trek along the Appalachian trail AND across country on bicycle to Oregon! Not to mention another adventure in Alaska….your family has quite a reputation for adventure. :)

    Here’s a word that came to mind this morning:

    “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. So I do not run aimlessly. I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” I Corinthians 9:24-27

    You two have proven discipline and self-control for 2 years. Your prize: bringing others, from whatever station in life, to faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ through the healing ministry of Hearts-Up-Ranch.

    How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news! – Isaiah 52:7

  2. That must have been what looked like a church from “the air.” To us it’s just a large building. Jerry even puts your coordinates into Google maps so we can move the curser down the road and see the road as you see it. So cool! But if we zoom in too close, things get blurry so we can’t tell a church from an American Legion Hall! We love you all and pray for you daily.

  3. Hello Again,
    I met you today at approxamately 3:15pm 11/15/11. You were riding your horses on my street in Gladys Va. just outside of Lynchburg Va. I asked if I could pray for you ,and we prayed. God brings divine appointments our way, I believe this is one. You will continually be in my prayers. I have enjoyed your webpage. I have a testimony maybe similiar. I am from Baltimore Md. have been envolved in the epitome of the world. Selling drugs, dealing with the Mafia to the Pagan motorcycle club, thefts , assaults and batteries on police officers, to armed robberies and even attempted murder. BUT GOD!, Made Himself so real to me and changed my life for His Glory. It has been over 25 to 30yrs and God has changed me drastically and still is. He has anointed me and has taken me from being a drug addict child of the devil to a witness of the Love and Power of JESUS CHRIST! I say all of this to say He has given me a ministry and prayer is the greatest part of it. He has given me a total trust that he answers our prayers and i will be praying for the ministry He has given you. He moves according to our faith , according towards His perfect will. Again I do not believe it is just a coincidence we met but a divine appointment!(Rom.8:28-39)(John 3:5)(Acts 2:38)…May the Hand of JESUS CHRIST remain mighty upon you!

  4. That is to funny!!! Only Kansas!!!! I have been watching you almost everyday!!! My Dad who is 90yrs old has his map sitting by him, and when I get on the computor, he gets his map out!! It is almost like he knows you guys, and he has never met you guys. But I was sure Blessed by you guys!!!!! I am so excited to see you guys finish!!!! I bet you can not hardly stand it!!! I wish MY dad and I could come meet ya there but to far!!!! But I will be there in SPIRIT!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!! Thanks for all you are doing!!!!!! Jesus, put your angels around them, no harm to them the rest of the way. Bless them mightly God. Amen!!!!!!!! Love in Jesus Babe!!!!!

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