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A bit of fun

While our stop at the Kentucky Horse Park and Lexington was primarily business, we did get a few hours here and there to enjoy a little fun.

First,  my good friend, Heather, who I grew up with was actually at the Horse Park at the same time as us! We were there during a 5 day Reining show and she makes her living training and showing reining horses. It was totally awesome that we arrived in Lexington via horseback from California a whole day before she showed up in a trailer! I had to tease her about that. :) We got to spend several hours with her and Kyle throughout that week watching them show and catching up. It was so totally cool and unexpected to see her. I owe Richard a big thank you for even thinking of the possibility that she might be there and contacting her to ask. If it hadn’t been for him realizing that possibility, we could easily have been there on the same property the whole time and never known it!

Our new friend, Patty, was also a joy to get to know. While she was spending hours taking care of our horses with her therapeutic equipment, we were busy chatting and becoming friends. She had stumbled across our website and offered her service long before we even arrived in Lexington. In just two short weeks, she became very dear to us and we wish we could carry her along in our saddle bags! We have so much in common and she is just a joy and a blessing to be around. She introduced us to some friends from home, showed us her horses and some aspiring young baby athletes, and took us to church. She is so generous and caring, and she helped us in so many ways. But more than that, she just really became a friend. It never gets easy to say goodbye to our new friends.

And for our only real ‘day off’, our hosts offered to babysit Bella for the day while we went and did an anniversary do-over. I wore my dress :) and we went and had a lovely day going to the KY Horse Park Museum, had a small lunch out on a patio, walked around the cute little town of Midway and their unique shops including a 6th generation harness maker called, and spent a lovely evening out to dinner at the well loved local favorite called Holly Hill Inn. It was a very relaxing and nice day just spent together away from the constant challenges of riding across America and promoting Hearts Up Ranch. Besides, it was a way better anniversary celebration than our real anniversary! :)  (see the blog Tragedy in Chaplin if you have not idea what I’m talking about!)

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  1. Glad you guys got to celebrate your anniversary properly and take some time to yourselves! Miss you!!


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