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A burst of energy!

 Yesterday, the horses whinnied to us over the Adam’s fence… perhaps in boredom? Today, we walked out there early in the morning to catch them and start saddling up… and they ran away! Every one of em’! Is it that obvious that we don’t go outside that early in the morning unless we are riding, or was our walk of purpose that different? Apparently, they knew the difference because yesterday we were their best friends, and today the moment they saw us they started running!

Rob called the neighbors, so we were sent off with lots of hugs and warm wishes. It was hard to say goodbye to our new friends. Joyce decided to ride out with us, so we followed her across some corn fields to the back road that parallels highway 50 out of Garden City. I laughed as dozens of rabbits, some little, some as big as dogs, ran ahead of us. It amazes me how well they hide. Our horses missed stepping on some by inches before they decided to run. I never even saw them until they ran! Apparently, harvested corn fields are quite the habitat for rabbits. Upon a closer inspection, we found quite a few cobs with corn left on them. We shared the rabbit’s food and gave our horses a treat.

After saying goodbye to Joyce, we decided we were feeling energetic enough to walk a bit. You may recall that we have been having trouble with low energy lately. Over our Christmas stop, we picked up some high quality liquid vitamins and took a double dose of them. What a difference! We felt like we had tons of energy, motivation, and spring in our step. I felt like I could walk for hours…. well I managed 4 miles before my legs felt like they’d had enough. I haven’t done much walking lately because of my lack of energy. We think vitamins are the trick for regaining our energy, determination, and chin up attitude! It really is amazing how much better we feel.

Rob and Joyce had set us up with hosts for the first night back on the trail. Kelly met us along the road and made sure we found our way to her house. Their house was sandwiched between the family business- a pheasant farm! We have seen quite a few pheasants in Kansas, but this was amazing! There were tens of thousands of them in large screen enclosures. Beautiful colors- wow that was a lot of pheasants!

We enjoyed our visit with the family that evening around the dinner table. The horses? They were entertained during the night by a very jealous and noisy donkey stallion!

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