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A Cake Volcano!!

Ok- so this is definitely delayed info, but we can’t skip Richard’s birthday! :) I’ve only got a few more fun stories to tell before we take off again and create more memories and experience more adventures!

I decided a was going to make home made cake and ice cream for him, as well as invite all our special new Kentucky friends to a little evening gathering.

In case you’ve never tried it, making ice cream is harder than it sounds. It seems that you need the proper recipe – one without too much sugar- or it never freezes! My plan was to make pralines and cream – his favorite. The pralines recipe I made at least came out well. Only about  half of it made it to the ice cream though, since Richard decided they tasted really good! It took 3 days to get enough ice cream to freeze for the party.

Then for the cake. That was a disaster- albeit a fun and tasty one! Making a home-made not-out-of-a-box cake shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Hah! First, when the recipe says to fill the cake pan 2/3 full, they really mean 1/2 full! Picture this- two pans of batter in the oven, smoke rolling out, big shocked eyes on me, hysterical laughter in the background from birthday boy. We grab two more cake pans, a ladle, a potholder, and frantically start spooning partially cooked batter that is freely spilling over the sides into the new pans. My mother is laughing right now, I just know it! :) Then when they are cooked, I attempted to take the cakes out of the pan nice and neat. Hah again! They looked like a two year was unattended for a very long time around a tasty cake! Soooo, I cut one into a heart shape to try and make it look like something, made a layer cake with two to try to hide the mess, and put the other one upside down. Have you ever tried to frost a cake that has sides that are tilted under like an overhang? Let’s just say the whole evening was a hilarious disaster… not to mention the condition of Talli’s kitchen when we were done! The clean-up process proved that the cake was tasty enough to serve- besides- the party was at night outside. They don’t have to look at it to enjoy it!!!

And we did enjoy it indeed. We had nearly 20 people at Richard’s birthday party, and we all very much enjoyed the cake and ice cream. It was a blast getting to see some of our new friends again. Richard was very surprised by his gift of new chinks from Sharp Saddlery, for which I was equally shocked that I actually surprised him! He’s a tough cookie when it comes to surprises! The guests enjoyed sharing his delight as he opened several presents from family, as well as a few sweet gifts from our new friends. The evening was made very memorable by a small paper hot air balloon that Ronnie gave him to light and let go. I didn’t know this, but Richard had always wanted to do one and was all smiles as we let it lift off.

We reflect back on his birthday last year- in the blistering desert, just the two of us under the only tree around for miles, 20 miles of riding, and a cooler filled with a few goodies from a sweet local to help make it more special. We’ll never forget that, but we were thrilled to spend Richard’s birthday this year surrounded by new friends and loved ones. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday Richard! Jeannette has had some epic cooking disasters in her time, and I think this is one for the books!

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Richard!

    When I was a boy, homemade ice cream was done the hard way–by hand-cranking a gallon stainless steel container in a wooden bucket. It was done when you could not turn the crank any more, not because you were exhausted, because the ice cream was frozen.

  3. Woohoooo!!!! Happy Birthday to Richard! Glad it was a fun day and full of friends and surprises and tasty treats! Love you guys!

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