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A Christmas welcome

Rob and Joyce are wonderful hosts. There’s just no other way to put it. They moved their horses so ours could stay here in their corral, we have a whole floor to ourselves with a very comfortable bed and a humonstrous TV to watch movies on, many similar interests and wonderful conversation, great cooking, a lovely home, a Christmas tree, and anything our hearts desired they wanted to fulfill. What wonderful people! We are so grateful they invited us to join them for Christmas.

Our first day there was full. We started out early with a radio interview Joyce had set up for us (link can be found on our news and events page), dropped off Richard’s chaps to get the zipper fixed, picked up some natural energy supplements, and were given a tour through the electricity plant where Rob works. That was interesting as I’ve never been to one before. I think I know where all those coal trains that have passed us go now!

Then they took us shopping at the “Crazy House” western wear and supply store in Garden City. They talked to the owner and he gave us everything we needed, then offered to send us supplies we may need in the future! We are very grateful to say the least.

Then it was off to Walmart where we FINALLY found a Kansas Gazetteer- an atlas just for the state. It was so thin compared to the others! I teased Rob that this was because in Kansas, all you need to know is “flat.”  :)

We had a wonderful dinner together where we all shared wonderful stories and tons of laughs. Rob and Joyce did a great job getting the word out in their community to the press, businesses, local people willing to host us, and many others. We were very grateful for their initiative in using their connections to help us and the Hearts Up Ranch cause. Not to mention they are getting us in the Christmas spirit and we are looking forward to spending Christmas day with them!

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