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A classroom of curiosity

Susie Blackburn invited us to go speak at her school where she teaches 5th and 6th grade social studies. I’m still feeling a bit contaminating after having the flu and running out of time to finish our administrative work for this stop, I elected to let Richard have a go of it by himself.

He was expecting t0 just speak to her class, but when he walked in the room, he was surprised to see an audience of well over 100! They were all sitting indian style on the floor and waiting expectantly to hear his story.

Richard shared about the mission of Hearts Up Ranch, the details of how we are riding across the country, and fun stories like how he and the two horses fell off the cliff in California. It’s funny how stuff like that turns into ‘fun’ after time! He also talked about following their dreams and how it would be hard, but worth it.

The kids got to ask lots of questions- which brought up more stories. They asked about what animals we’d seen, if we killed any rattlesnakes (well- Satchmo did- does that count?!), how Richard set his own jaw after the fall off the cliff, and even about how we raise funds for Hearts Up Ranch.

At the end, the teachers let the kids know that, as a class, they would be checking on our progress every week. That will be a fun project! Perhaps we’ll miraculously finish before school is out?!


  1. We had cross country hikers come in and talk to our class one time too…about 100 kids, just like yours, sittin’ crossed legged on the floor. The kids were fascinated. Thanks for taking the time. I love it when kids hear the “You can make your dreams come true if you work at it” story!

    Also, we met Nate Damm, cross country hiker yesterday. You might cross paths with him somewhere between WV and Missouri!

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