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A confused Postal Worker

The conversation went like this:

Us- “Here’s our box- please ship it the cheapest way possible.”

Postal Worker – “Oh wow, it’s heavy. That’s going to be pricey.”

Us- “Can you tell us how heavy, please?”

Postal Worker- “Just over 20 pounds.”

Us- “Yes!” (followed by a high five!)

Postal Worker- “You WANT it to be heavy?!?”

Us- “The heavier the better!”

Postal Worker- “Huh?!”

Us- We explain that we are riding horses across the country. “So this weight is all the things we decided we have not used enough and that we can live without. We just got 20 pounds off our pack horses!”

So that, folks, is how you cheer up AND confuse a postal worker at the same time!

PLUS- it’s how we cheer up our pack horses too! :)


  1. Just checking in. Good to get rid of 20lb. Today was my birthday. Wish I could do the same by just giving it to the postal worker!

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