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A Day in Durango

We put on our Sunday best (a clean pair of jeans and a shirt we keep in a plastic bag to prevent questionable smells!) – and headed to church. We got there just in time….. for the last song! Apparently, there are many corners of the internet where things can get lost- and we happened to find a site where their service times had not been updated. But we stayed for a Bible study, then the pastor (who felt bad) and his family took us to an Italian lunch. We had a blast talking to them and getting to know their family. We were told they would host a book signing! I think there will be a lot of disappointed people if we don’t write one- but we shall see….. :)

Then Richard and I walked around historic downtown Durango. I barely remember it from 10 years ago when we worked near Lake Vallecito, but I did remember one thing- a specific western leather shop. It is one of my favorite stores I have ever been in and I was so excited to find it. Richard bought a new belt since he’s lost enough weight that his old one is way too big! And I couldn’t resist picking up my first souvenir of a nice western leather bracelet.

Then it was back to work packing up our gear (that had been drying in the sun) for the morning’s start. We spent a bit of time with Ed and maps. We discovered a trail on the map that went directly over the Continental Divide in a relatively mild terrain along a river the entire way. It was faster to get over the Divide going that way than over Wolf Creek Pass. The weather forecast was giving us 6 days of perfect weather- just enough. We were so excited that we would get to cross the Divide on trails rather than road, not to mention that we’d be over the pass by the time the bad weather hit instead of just getting to it. So plans changed again! We’d be heading north-east via trail and coming out at Rio Grande Reservoir. Here we go!

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