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A Decision at Last!

The long awaited moment has arrived!!!!!!!


When are we going to start riding again?

And where are we finishing?


After a very, very, very long rest, we are finally ready to head on down the trail. Our initial plan was to leave August 1st, but you may have heard about all the intense heat in the south and east- or maybe you’ve been in it. Late July and early August have been high nineties to over 100 degrees in temperature with extremely high humidity. It has been downright miserable out. The horses have been completely soaked with sweat just standing still, not to mention how challenging it has been for us to do anything physical. Last summer, we were in the desert in the middle of nowhere so we could safely ride in the wee hours of the morning before the heat. But now, we are on all roads and that simply would not be safe- but nor would riding on black tar during the heat of the day at those temperatures. At the wise encouragement of many concerned people around the country, we decided to hold off a couple weeks to see if the heat would lessen. The last thing we need is to add heat stroke to our list of adventures along the way! Sure enough, next week is forecasted for the 80’s with much lower humidity than it’s been. Thank God!

So with no further ado …. we are riding East once again on Monday, August 15th. Yaaaaaay!

Remember- watch our progress on the Google Maps link (we will be sending our signals again starting Monday.) Tell all your Facebook friends, and watch for new blogs!

As for the finishing part- after months of phone calls, emails, finding key contacts, connecting with officials, and exploring every option- we have determined that we will NOT be finishing in Delaware. We have been unable to obtain permission to ride through Washington, ride over the bridge, get a ferry ride over the bay, etc. We have chosen not to ride around the bay due to very serious safety concerns, and as you know, we will continue to finish the trip 100% on hoof with no trailer rides East, thus ruling out a trailer ride over the bridge. Additionally, winter is fast approaching- giving us reason to consider staying south. Also, the Appalachian crossing is lower toward the south, and the mileage is very slightly shorter.

All this to say, we will be finishing in Virginia Beach, VA sometime (hopefully) in late fall.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our friends across the country who have tried for weeks and months to help us get to Delaware. But when all the doors have been repeatedly shut, we have come to peace that God is directing us on a different path, and that is OK! :) So Virginia Beach, here we come!!!


  1. Thank you for the update. I’m happy to hear that you will be hitting the trail again. I am quite sure the Lord has a reason for shutting those doors. I’m so excited to hear about the ones he opens!
    God Bless,

  2. We will be keeping all of you in our prayers. Praying for a safe and happy finishing ride that has no more bad luck in them. I’m glad you have all rested and healed. Safe traveling. We will be watching you as you head on East.

  3. we’ll see you then. take care, we love you. should be seeing matt, liz and shawn tomorrow.
    hope all is well, keep in touch.

  4. So glad you all are well rested and healed up from everything. Looking forward to more stories and adventures and seeing what God does next in your journey to the coast. Happy Trails. Love you, Janet

  5. Hi Guys:) Just wanted to say Hello!! I massaged your horses during your stay in Elizabethtown KY at Wild Rose Farm. Sounds like your equine ambassadors as well as yur canine ambassador are doing okay in spite of the heat and humidity we had here for weeks.

    I’m glad your are taking advice from locals on heat and not rushing things. You can’t finish if you can’t finish.

    Take care, God Bless and Happy Trails the rest of the way.

    Cindy, Helping Hands Equine Sports Massage Therapist

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