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A Divine Appointment

Had we gone the shortcut, we would have missed out. We rode down 67 until we saw a beautiful gray brick home that we were admiring on a pretty ranch setting. The couple that lived there was out on the porch taking pictures of us as we rode by. I decided to trot up their driveway and say hi. They were very sweet and warmly invited us to stay. It was time to stop, so we gratefully accepted.

Rose was dressed up and commented offhandedly that she would need to leave soon for her meeting. Richard, Mike, and I started unpacking the horses. Then Rose’s friend, Karen, and her husband showed up. That’s when they told us that they were heading to a weekend women’s conference at a local church.

“Aww, I wish I’d known! I would have loved to come with you!” I said.

“Well grab your Bible and let’s go!”

“But I haven’t showered in 3 days! I don’t want to make you late.”

“We have time- come on in and get ready. We’ll wait for you!”

So that’s how it happened! We walked up their driveway after 3 extra miles since the shortcut was blocked, and 20 minutes later, I was showered and driving out the driveway with Rose and Karen while the guys took care of the horses!

It was spontaneous, but wonderful. Richard and I decided to stay an extra day so I could go to the whole women’s conference. It was uplifting, entertaining, educational, and faith building. I enjoyed the girl time, and word got out about our ride and Hearts Up Ranch among the hundreds of ladies there, so I ended up being somewhat of a celebrity by the time it was over! Richard got to have some guy time with Mike and Dayne too.

We positively enjoyed our new friends and our divine appointment, but perhaps Bella was jealous because she got the last laugh…. we all spent a long time the morning that we left looking for her drawstring red cloth food bowl that she had burried in the night. We never did find it!

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  1. Hello to you both…just checking in to see where you are now. We met you and rode with you awhile when you were traveling through Eddyville…my son (Josh Lohnes) and a friend David rode over to One Horse Gap with you and we came later with trucks to pick them up. Glad to hear that you are moving along fine and everything is going as expected. We left Bear Branch and headed home on Thursday morning because the rain had closed the trails and we weren’t able to ride anymore. Will check back another day to see your adventures…may God be with you both!

    Geri Lohnes

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