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A donation from Skito Horse Pads

What a gift! Today- nearly $1,000 of top quality horse pads arrived in the mail from the Skito horse pad company. We are soooo excited to try them out on our horses! They are essentially memory foam with specific inserts made for each horse to help make up for saddle fit issues. We still are struggling with quarter size sore spots on Apache despite everything we’ve done with what we have. So we are sincerely hoping that these will be the answer to prayer and will finally make our horses completely comfortable to continue this ride with efficiency. We were sent 2 full size pads for Satchmo and Apache and 2 partial pads to go under the pack pads for the pack horses. We have definitely learned that despite your skill and knowledge, your horse is only capable of performing as well as the equipment you use allows him to. We are so grateful to the Skito company for donating these pads for us to try, and we will definitely keep you posted on how our horses are doing after using these pads for a while. Thank you Jim at Skito for all your time in evaluating our horses and determining what inserts to use and for being so generous and helpful.  Once again, we have only come as far as we have due to the support of those around us and the strength and protection of God.  

Additionally- thank you to Rob and Joyce for bring us the box that arrived after we left.

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