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A hoof and a prayer

~again- our camera is still being fixed- sorry no pics~

All good things must come to an end. Well, not really. But we didn’t want this good thing to become well, less-good. We had grown to like the Browns very much, and when three weeks rolled around and the horses were no where near ready to go yet, we knew there were some more decisions to make. You see, we really like making friends along the way, but there is such a thing as wearing out your welcome. We are very cautious of that, and the Browns did not give us any indication that they were sick of us, but we did not want them to get that way! We like to keep our friends once we make them! :)

So Richard and I hit our knees in prayer about what we should do. The feeling of defeat began to creep back. Perhaps it really was time to go home. We didn’t feel right asking anyone else to host us for such a long time again. And we can’t, after all, expect or even imagine that anyone would be willing to host us indefinitely. We did our best. If it was time to go home, it was time to go home. God certainly doesn’t owe us anything. We’ve literally been doing this ride on “a hoof and a prayer” since day 7. He’s taken good care of us through miracles, God-ordained ‘coincidences’, and people who have been willing to help. If this was the end of the road, we would hold our heads up honorably and take our ponies home to rest.  

For three years we had planned this trip. The year prior to our leaving was pure insanity. We literally had pages of lined paper taped together and hanging on our fridge in a very, very long list of things that needed to get done and be worked out before we left home. That year and the last nearly one and a half of riding have been the most blessed I have ever experienced when it comes to prayer being answered. We have gone a maximum of three days and a minimum of 30 seconds for any urgent prayers to be answered. This is mind boggling- but in an intense circumstance such as our lives have been for the last two years, we are utterly grateful at God’s faithfulness to direct our paths. He seems to make it clear to us when we need to continue doing what we’re doing, and when we need to do something different. He has made the doors of opportunity wide open in whatever direction we need to go- with no alternatives. I can’t say that life is normally like this for us, but it has been extremely comforting letting Him guide us without question.

The last prayer was no exception. It was only a matter of hours when we got a phone call. I had been trying to find a loaner car for while our friend Judy was here. I got a call back from Talli and Ronnie Basham- “Of course you can borrow our car.” He showed up three hours later- from an hour away. He handed us the keys, a wad of cash to “go have another date night and have some fun without watching your budget”, and oh by the way, “Talli and I would love to host you  and your horses- for three weeks or three months… or more. Whatever it takes.” To make sure we understood, Ronnie punctuated his offer with an explanation. He had been in a life-changing accident a few years ago that left them financially able to bless others without hesitation. They truly meant their offer. An unsolicited, indefinite welcome- not exactly your everyday occurrence. They called a couple times that weekend – “When can we pick you up?” Not if- when. Clearly it was not time to go home to Wyoming just yet, only ‘home’ to the Basham’s.

With hugs all around to the Brown family, Dawn, Rick, and Tyler- we loaded up and headed out to the Basham’s quiet farm in McQuady, KY for the remainder of our recuperation.


  1. Thank you God and the Brown and Basham families. Very well written. Your faith and humility will see you through. May God continue to lead and direct you.

  2. God’s surprises are so awesome. I never get tired of hearing about them. I am so happy to hear that you are all recuperating well. You continue to be in my prayers.

  3. Many thanks to the Bashams and the Browns, who also hosted me for a few days! Thanks for taking such good care of my friends and their four-legged ones! And praising God with you for all He has been providing for you!

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