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A New Horse Trailer Needed

We spent our first day in Kansas with a newlywed couple- Gary and LeeAnna. They are wonderfully sweet people with open hearts and lots of horsey-ness! Needless to say, we spent a lot of time talking about our favorite subject. :) They let our horses stay in their roundpen, and the horses were introduced for the first time to a new kind of feed used sparingly with horses- milo.

My wonderful hubby, Richard, decided to be very generous today and gave me a full body massage which felt wonderful on all my sore muscles. He is naturally good and I hope someday he has the opportunity to take classes for it.

The morning we headed out, Gary and LeeAnna let us try an experiment. They have the same model 4 horse trailer we do at home. Now that we have Chance, we have a slight issue considering as we have 5 horses now and only a 4 horse trailer to bring them home in! We decided to see if we could fit them all. We tried packing them in like sardines several different ways- sideways, diagonal, straight, in different orders….. and every time there was only room for half of Tiska. :( Theoretically, we could put her in the bed of the truck with sides, but that won’t leave room for all our gear and the sleigh I plan to bring home from my parents house. Alas, it looks like we’ll have to come up with another trailer.

Sooooo, if anyone has connections or would like to make phone calls on our behalf, we would love to find a company who might be willing to sponsor or donate a trailer so we can get all our equine friends home safely and in relative comfort after their hard journey.

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