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A night with the Blews

We had a ton of fun talking to Ken and Shari in the morning. They cooked us a big breakfast, made some calls for a place for us to ride to next, and we just couldn’t stop talking to each other so we could go get the horses ready to go! Ken even tried to convince us to stay another day. Oh were we tempted! But my cousins from Pennsylvania were driving out to see us and we wanted to keep moving so that we could spend our rest days with them and not skip good weather riding days.

So we compromised… kindof. :) The place Ken found was happy to keep our horses overnight but they didn’t have room for us. Now we could have camped in their barn, but Ken and Shari offered to come get us so we could hang out with them again and it was a done deal.

Along our route, I enjoyed a long conversation with my mother, we were visited by the Headings family and the girls got to pet the horses again, and we met the brother of a previous host. (From the Cross ranch who brought us hot chocolate.) She even called us on her phone and we got to say hi to her again! It was actually a pretty fun day that seemed to go by pretty quickly.

With as late a start as we got, we managed to ride about13 miles to Barry’s ranch. It was a petting zoo/horse lessons/horse boarding/pony rides/etc, place. They even had a camel which the horses managed to remain oblivious to while we were unpacking them. If you remember the last time they saw a camel, it did not go so well. We were not about to point it out to them!

Ken and Shari picked us up and could have talked to them all night long! Ken talked with us until he had to leave for night shift work. Richard finally conked out. And me, Shari, and their son Colt- all of us night owls- stayed up really late talking and talking. Colt even owned the seasons of “Lost” that we haven’t seen yet and we are dying to watch. We were all planning on watching them together, but we enjoyed talking to the Blews so much, we didn’t even watch any of the episodes! When I finally got up in the morning, Richard the morning person, asked me what time we had gone to bed. I answered, “Um… today… !”

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