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a random fever

God is amazing how He times and orchestrates everything for our good. For no apparent reason, the night I got my foot mashed, I ended up with a fever and sick to my stomach. Perhaps that explains my feeling a little off on our anniversary. It came on fast and went away during the night, but it left me weak and still sick to my stomach. I spent the next two days sleeping and recuperating. Our leaving was delayed 3 more days than planned, but had my foot not been hurt, we would have been in what turned out to be rather dangerous country when I was sick. Sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

It was a good opportunity, though, to get to know our hosts a little better. The art students were from Japan and Hawaii, so we got to enjoy some ethnic cooking and lots of great conversation. Richard spent more time at the Ryan’s, learning as many survival skills as he could from Mike in a couple short days.

We also joined Wulf in his excitement when he took us to the center of Boulder to show us a gathering of some of the most expensive cars in the world- Bugati’s. The cheapest car there was worth at least 1.5 million. Wulf had been a fan since a teen, and had only seen 4 in his life. There were at least 15 in one parking lot- most shipped from overseas for a driving vacation! It was fun to see him so ecstatic and to get the opportunity to see these rare cars.

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