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A Train Wreck

I have no idea how God keeps track of the spider web of details that affect everyone’s lives. A train wreck happened locally a few days ago. I don’t know if anyone got hurt- I don’t think so-, but I do know that it was a mess and there was coal everywhere. We didn’t see it, but we sure heard about it. Maybe someone needed a job, maybe it was a wakeup call to those who maintain the tracks… I don’t know- but I do know this- the timing for us was incredibly good. We spent the next few days riding right next to a very busy train track with many rode crossings- which means they blow the horn all the time- which  means that it would be very scary for the horses. We had been riding within earshot of this track for days and there was a train at least every 45 minutes. Then the track turned and went along our route. We saw one train pass us in three days. That’s it. We couldn’t believe it! Once again we are amazed at how little things affect our lives daily- many we don’t even realize. God really is in control of the details!

We had all three pack saddles in use today- to carry the rest of the grain that was given us. Perhaps during the winter having three pack saddles will serve us better than we realized. We passed a HUGE feedlot of cattle today. It wasn’t as smelly as we expected, but we were very entertained by the thousands of birds swarming over it in really cool patterns.

We stayed with Clyde and Judy that night who had a cool ‘U’ shaped pasture around their yard. Clyde told us fun stories of finding arrowheads, local dinosaur prints, and a carving of Kit Carson’s name on a rock on one of his neighbor’s properties. He even told us about the time his grand nephew found a dinosaur skeleton and they helped the scientists dig it up! There seems to be a lot of really cool things to see here in the south eastern corner of Colorado if you know where to look! Had we not just stopped a couple days earlier, we would have asked him to show us around, but we are trying to get momentum again so we didn’t dare stop another unplanned day! I guess that’s why you always leave some things undone… so you have a good excuse to go back someday!

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