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A warm Kentucky Welcome

The Bundy McLeod and Keith and Larry Lovell really know how to welcome travelers right! We had been told about them in Illinois and we were instructed to knock on their door and they would help us. Their phone number was missing, so they had no warning we were coming before we rode up their driveway. They were so quick to take us in, take care of us and our horses, help us unpack and hang everything up on ropes in the barn to dry, get a fan blowing on all the wet gear, helped us fix tack, etc.

They even took us to town on the first morning to the courthouse where we gave a short presentation about Hearts Up Ranch and the Ride Across America to the judge, magistrates, and locals. They were excited to help us and plan to speak to the governor of Kentucky to see if he will talk to President Obama about letting us ride through Washington DC! We met a woman there whose husband was a chiropractor in town, and we promptly found ourselves with a complementary appointment to get adjusted as well!

We did some research on tents and ultimately ended up calling Sierra Design, the company that made our current tent so we could explain our situation. It is hard to find a tent that meets specific requirements and is within a tight budget without a lot of time and shopping around. The company, without hesitating, offered us 45% off a new tent so we were able to get the same tent at a phenomenal price. We were very happy with their service as we have been with our tent. Hopefully we won’t have any more flooding experiences inside our own tent now that we’ll have a new one that has not suffered the desert heat!

We also got to have a special experience- Keith happened to see one of his mares giving birth to a foal and called us and Bundy rushed us over right away. We got there just as the little guy was coming out- and got to watch his first steps and everything! It was so special! Growing up on a farm, I got to see several calves born, but this was my first horse birth experience. It is much more rare to see a horse be born, so this was quite special. Beautiful, well built horses too.

We shared many laughs with Bundy and Keith, including playing on a trucker scale and weighing our horses, and felt right at home and welcomed in this small ranching community right inside the Kentucky border. If these folks are any indication of what is to come, we are really going to enjoy this state!


  1. I’m so glad to see how well you guys are doing and how God continues to bless you both!

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