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A warm welcome to the Horse “Capitol”

(remember- this blog took place prior to our arrival in Lexington)

When we left LouAnn and Harry and headed toward the Kentucky Horse Park, I rode Chance because Apache’s back was hurting him. Clearly, it was very sore because he didn’t even want to walk along with us. When he pulled back and skinned his hocks and didn’t quit after that, I knew he was really uncomfortable. I got off and walked him the rest of the way at his own pace. He pleaded with him to hang in there because once we got him to the Horse Park, we would have access to the horse world’s best vets and equine specialists. As you already read, he made it, and they sure did help him!

The day before we made it to the Kentucky Horse Park, we had a bit of a dilemma. We didn’t know where we were stopping for the night and all the horse farms we passed had locked gates at the front of their driveway with huge expanses of pasture between us and their barns and houses. It wasn’t like we could just hail someone from the farm. It was an exceptionally hot day and we had met our mileage and were standing under a tree in the shade discussing what we were going to do for the night- concerned that we were all nearly over heated. We were in front of one of the only non horse farm homes we had seen all day and the owner, David, “happened” to walk down to his mailbox at that very moment. He walked across the street to see what we were all about, then promptly invited us to stay with them in their guest house and use his field to feed our horses. His 7 year old son was tickled pink to have horses in his yard. He became particularly fond of Chance, who kindly gave him a pony ride. :) David and his wife, Natalie, ended up offering us their guest house to stay in while we were in Lexington. It was a lovely little quiet spot for Richard and I during the hectic two weeks we had in the area. We also spent several suppers over with David and his family enjoying their healthy lifestyle and good company. I never cease to be amazed at the kindness people still show to strangers in this very day and age.

Other than Apache, the ride to the Kentucky Horse Park was very beautiful and enjoyable. We even met up with Charlie and Patty, the photographers, again and they took pictures of us all day through the beautiful scenery as well as our arrival to the park. They also took care of Bella in the car because she was limping slightly again, so we took the opportunity to get her off her feet. We had a blast with them and taking pictures. They also came back to take pictures of us during the press conference for Hearts Up Ranch. We were so grateful for their time and photography!

Upon our arrival at the Kentucky Horse Park, we were directed to the Secretariat Center where we would keep our horses. They rescue, retrain, and find homes for x-racehorses and had offered to host our ponies too for part of our stay. The Horse Park pastured them for the other part of our stay after we had decided to stay a little longer to get Apache diagnosed.

The Horse Park was very kind to us and let donated the use of their facilities for Hearts Up Ranch to have a press conference. The staff was kind and got us connected with several helpful locals including the vet who helped Apache. They even put the photo of us and our horses and the Hearts Up Ranch brand we gave as a thank you gift right in the main Visitor Center for the Park! So if you ever get the opportunity to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, be sure to take a look around the lobby in the Visitor’s Center and you will see us there; proud but humble and grateful!

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