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A Warm Welcome

We have been in Point Reyes Station, CA now for about 4 days and have had nothing but warm welcomes- from the Inn Keeper at the Bed and Breakfast who donated our stay(thank you Tom), to a local trail expert, to the local newspapers, and even the next door neighbors! We have had tremendous help with local trails (thank you Sandy), been taken for a guided tour on horseback through Point Reyes by a wonderful local, and even been invited to church and dinner at two different homes (thank you Matt and Bob)! It has been a wonderful experience and a much more rural and welcoming town in California than we expected. The horses are loving all the green grass- it is rainy but quite beautiful here right now. Tomorrow we pick up our friend (thank you Susan) who is driving the truck and trailer home. Deep breath at that point- we will officially be on our own! Then on Wednesday, we have a trailer ride over to the park where we then have a picnic with Richard’s family, ride to our beach campsite for the night, and meet everyone at the beach at the end of Limantour Rd. in Point Reyes at 10am on March 4th! Then we begin the real deal! Thanks for all the encouragement via the contact page and Facebook. Between the waiting and planning at this point, we are not sure whether to be excited or nervous! Either way, in 3 days we start a life changing journey of 5,000 miles! Hugs- Jeannette and Richard

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