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ABC does another great TV story!

Couple Rides 4,000 Miles for Charity

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Photographer: Steven Smith

Huddleston, VA – A young couple rode through Huddleston Friday, hoping to find lots of helping hands and open hearts along the way.
For the last 617 days, Richard and Jeannette McGrath, their dog Bella, four horses and a mule have seen it all: funny looks, people cheering them on, people yelling at them for slowing down traffic.  
They’ve spent close to two years without any modern day luxuries — no heating, no air conditioning – just each other and a few good friends.
They hope to raise awareness and money for the Hearts Up Ranch…….

Finish reading this short summary and Watch this great news broadcast by clicking the link below!



  1. Terrific coverage. You are amazing Jeanette that you do this blog, up load these links … all kinds of technical computer stuff (when you have access), in addition to riding all day, packing and unpacking, caring for horses, camping, et al., AMAZING! WOW!

  2. Thank you Terry. For the most part, only the people who have spent a whole day with us really understand how much work this is. Many think we are out for a joy ride. I appreciate you acknowledgement of our efforts. :) – J

  3. thrilled to get your EMail today that you will be at the end of the ride soon. WOW! what an experience. Congratulations! sorry I will not make it to the final celebration of the ride, but I will be there in spirit. Love to you both. Karen

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