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all our favorite people…

The Blews dropped us off at the horses…. with a plan to pick us up AGAIN! This time, we rode through the top edge of Wichita. We were mostly on pavement all day and got to talk to quite a few people who were either surprised to see us or had already heard of us. There were two lanes and we were appreciative of the consideration that Kansas drivers took around our horses. Not one car passed us in the closest lane all day long. They all moved over to the far lane. After what we went through with traffic in California, it’s nice to ride on roads where people aren’t determined to see what a horse pancake looks like!

We were almost to our destination when Scott,  local who’s driveway we passed, stopped to talk to us. He owned Tennessee Walkers and was interested in our journey. He asked if he could ride with us tomorrow. Sure!

We rode through Kechi to Oscar’s horse breeding ranch where he had a pen ready and waiting to host our horses. We unpacked our gear in the barn, much to Fiddle’s dislike. She still can’t stand being in barns. We visited for a while, looked at their high quality horses and foals, then went home again with Ken and Shari.

This time though, the drive was a bit longer. It is surprising how quickly we ride a good drive away from people considering our speed. Their other son and his girlfriend stopped by to visit. So we ate pizza together, took goofy pictures with the whole family, and yup- stayed up really late again.

We tossed around the idea of coming back here while we visited with my cousins, but in the end, we decided it was time to move forward. Besides, there was someone in El Dorado who was quite excited to host us for a few days- and they were in an Easterly direction. So with great sadness, close to tears (at least for me), we said goodbye to our fast friends. Sometimes I just wish we could collect all our favorite people from around the country and create the most awesome town ever.

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  1. I expect heaven to be like that: a collection of all our favorite people in the most awesome town EVER!

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