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An end to the Blog Silence!

Hellooooo to all our friends, followers, and supporters! We are currently  just outside of Roanoke, VA- and let me tell you- it is sooooo exciting to be in our last state!

I have to apologize. I had written a blog about 2 weeks ago when I had 5 minutes of access to a computer, but in my tiredness, it appears that I forgot to publish it. I just discovered it in my drafts. So I thought yall had been slightly updated, but in reality, you’ve been biting your fingernails wondering if we have turned into roadkill or not!

Not- is the answer! Thank God! It has been close at times, though. We are all safe and sound and stopped for a break for our tired ponies. We had to push hard through the Appalachians and we had no access to technology during that time.

So with no further ado- I will get my fingers flying on the keyboard and start writing many exciting blogs as I go back through our journals from the past few weeks. We have so pretty exciting stories to tell,  so stay tuned!

And remember, blogs are behind our actual location. The next several days will be of memories we made as we rode through the mountains. Our current location can always be found under Ride Across America on the menu bar.  I have also updated several pages on the website- most notably the “Quick Facts”. They now include our estimated towns through our final state.

And one more note- please stayed plugged in to our progress as we come down the final leg of our journey. In the next week or so, Richard and I will be carefully planning a DATE for the FINISH at the Atlantic! So be checking flight prices and filling fluids in your vehicles so you can meet us there for the grand finale!


  1. GREAT to see your post. Looking forward to more. We have certainly missed seeing your updates, but understand the no access problem! Most importantly so glad God got you through the mountain area safe and sound.

    Jerry and Barbara

  2. Ya – HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So wonderful that you’ve come so very far!!!! It will be one heck of a celebration when you see the Atlantic ocean! Just amaze me, you two! And, all your critters, too! God be with you as you finish this journey, and move forward to the next!

  3. I’m so happy to see everyone is doing okay. Was getting a little nervous. YAY you’re almost there!! Would love to be there on the last day but can’t make it but you will definitely be in my prayers.

    God Bless,

  4. Sweet! I’ve seriously been checking a few times a day. You’re in the home stretch now, you can d it! Can’t wait to see pics of you with the Atlantic Ocean in the background!

  5. Ive thought a lot about all of you and will be glad when you all (even the pup) will be home safe. I am a worrier and keep thinking about you all. I would like to be at va beach when you all arrive. i will try and keep up with your travels…be safe! Pam (from top of mtn on sunday afternoon..

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