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An inch at a time…

After Jason, Jen, and the kids took off for the rest of their vacation we got busy catching up. Bloging, bloging, bloging… more speaking and interviews, catching up on emails. You know the drill. Fact is, with all the press and momentum this Ride Across America fundraiser is gaining, we almost need a part time secretary to keep up with all the work!

We did take a fun break to spend an evening with Alison in Wichita. We got to go to an Imax theater and see a movie on the largest screen in the western hemisphere! Not only that, but it was in 3D. Boy that’ll rock you in your seat! Richard had a blast watching Alison jumping in her seat! :)

Chris and Alison took us to their church on Sunday morning. It was a cute little historical church, complete with outhouse as the only bathroom. We shared for a few moments with the congregation about our mission with Hearts Up Ranch and the journey we have been on. We found ourselves truly blessed by the sincere heart of the people in this church and glad we chose to stay an extra day in El Dorado.

Recall that our horses were trailered to their resting place when our cousins got here- the first trailer ride they’ve all had together since California! We now had to go back and make up the miles. No cheating here! Our horses were tied to the trailer outside while we went to church, all saddled and ready to go. So that afternoon, we got in another 14 miles and made it to the outskirts of El Dorado. We planned to stay for one more night at the Lockes, then head out to the next town in the morning.

We met a bunch of supportive people at Pizza Hut after our ride so we could take the opportunity to share again about Hearts Up Ranch. It was nice to get out of the cold because it was a double face mask, hand warmers, and goggles day!

I thought I had most of the administrative stuff done. But Monday morning when I got busy finishing up… at noon I was still swamped with items unfinished. We finally all decided to get the work done and wait another day to ride out of town. One step at a time, one step at a time!

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