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And We’re Off!

We pulled out of our home driveway this morning with four horses and our entire life for a year in tow. Are we dreaming or are we really doing this!? Now maybe we will get a little time on the drive to California to rest from the preparations and reflect! We are heading to the Country Inn and Stables Bed and Breakfast near Point Reyes. They are donating our stay for the week. This will be our base for a week while we wean the horses off hay and onto grass, meet with California trail experts, meet with Point Reyes rangers, and have media interviews. Then we start the trail on March 4th. Still feels like a dream….. :) – R and J

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  1. WOW! You have all my respect- and a little bit of my jealousy! I hope your journey goes smoothly and that your trip is everything you hope it will be! God bless.

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