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Another Reunion -from Illinois

(remember- this blog took place prior to our arrival in Lexington)

Several moons ago, we rode through Illinois. During those few short days in our narrowest state on the trip, we met LouAnn. She is an avid trail rider and her favorite spot to ride is on and around the River to River Trail in Illinois. We met her and her riding buddies on one of our days on the trail (the same day Bella got lost). After she learned what we were doing, she gave us her contact information and promised that if we rode through Versailles, KY we would have a place to stay. We kept her information, and as soon as we knew our route would take us to her town, we called.

Not only was she willing to host us, but she also collected a few packages of mail for us at her house and came and found us right after we crossed the Tyrone Bridge and took us to a place where we could keep our horses.

For the sake of visiting a friendly face we were not meeting for the first time, we stayed a day. We caught up on some work too, but LouAnn was kind enough to take us for a drive around the area to show us some of Lexington area’s finest horse farms. The white board fences are legendary, and I was surprised to see so many black ones too. I have never seen so many pastures mowed and manicured like a lawn! The old stone walls are beautiful as well. The whole area is just begging to be photographed, really, because it is quite perfect looking.

LouAnn’s husband, Harry, is a large animal vet. He kindly offered to update Chance’s coggins (annual blood test required for transportation) as well as renew their health papers. What a blessing!

We enjoyed our visit with them including letting their family, grandson, and nephew meet and get rides on Chance. He has become quite the kid magnet!


  1. Our family was in Lexington years ago, and we, too, were astounded at the beautiful horse farms. Nothing like what we see here, out west :)

  2. You continue to be in my prayers. I hope someday when you get the Ranch going here at home I will be able to come visit. You have all worked so hard at making this dream and mission come true. You may not realize it but you are true heroes in my book.

    God Bless and stay safe.

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