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Another special visitor!

We got to got to church on Sunday morning with Matthew and Heather. While there we got to say hi to Karla, the massage therapist, as well as meet one of Matthew’s other brothers.

Later that day, one of Richard’s old friends from high school, Jerry Lynn, drove up from southern Missouri to visit. He hadn’t seen her for more than ten years. We got to meet her family as well, and they spend several hours catching up and reminiscing about old times in high school.

Heather and I got to enjoy a long conversation about one of our passions- homeopathic health care and how it has benefited us. Meanwhile, the guys and Bella passed out in the living room for a Sunday evening nap!

Monday afternoon was filled with work that had been put off so we could enjoy our special visits- blogging, repairs, gear maintenance, leather oiling, phone calls, etc. We expect to stay one more day for Bella. She is just about back to normal so we will give her another day to play it safe. But according to Matt, we are almost out of tornado alley, and we don’t want to be here in the spring tornado season! Besides, we have recently received clearance from the police station in Cape Gerardo to cross the Mississippi River via their bridge! Yeah!! We’ll be making a beeline for that city so we can officially be “back east!”


  1. I saw your story on the morning news up here in Wisconsin. My what a long way you have come!

    My first thought was “oh how wonderful to be able to do this”! I wish you a safe journey!

    I worry for your safety – as I know first-hand that people in cars/trucks do not have much regard for horseback riders along the road. Please be careful!

  2. Just wanted to say I saw you guys on the local news here on KY3 and I must say I am truly jealous I have wanted to do a true cross country trip like that all of my life also wanted to say AWSOME to see some barefoot horses bootin it across the country I am a natural barefoot hoofcare specialists and have seen a lot of resistance on taking horses barefoot even though they see my 3 mares going barefoot all the time if you are in sw missouri on your way back to wyoming and go through taney county or forsyth mo look me up and I will saddle up and ride a few miles with you way to go guys RIDE WITH CHRIST and God bless

  3. Just checking in. Sounds like you are moving along. Take care and have a safe trip to the next stop and beyond.
    Much love,

  4. When you left the Flint Hills in KS, you left the northern core of “Tornado Alley”. Here at Wichita, we are near the north end and Waco, TX is near the south end, with OKC in the middle. We can have F0 (weakest) to F5 (devastating monsters). Missouri typically experiences F0 to F3 and the paths are shorter. Farther east, they are less common, but they are ill-prepared and rarely heed the warning signs because they are rare. In recent years, Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis were hit with strong F3 to F4 tornadoes.

    Warnings include: explosive thunderstorm growth (likely to be severe), warm moist air ahead of a strong cold front; rotating base of cumulonimbus lower than the main cloud and connected to it (wall cloud), and a sudden change from wind and rain/hail to a calm, eerie silence (you are under the wall cloud–RED ALERT!). Some of us that grew up in T-Alley can sleep through a storm but snap awake if it suddenly goes still and silent.

    On the other hand, Missouri has an incredible population of Copperheads and Water Moccasins, so keep pushing east!

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