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Another tragedy- at least we could help this time…

It seems that events in life that are “off course” of our plan usually have a reason. Such was the case when Richard and I made the wrong turn. After we wined a bit about having to go 5-7 extra miles (which is a huge deal to us at this point considering that every footstep is counted and we don’t go any way other than East unless we absolutely  have to) we mostly got over it and enjoyed the scenery. We also very much enjoyed our stop at OH and Kathy’s. But I think there is a reason we had to go out of our way- and we discovered it the morning we were about to leave.

We were in the midst of packing the horses Monday morning and getting ready to leave. I rarely answer my phone when we are packing because it is serious work and takes concentration and lots of time. But the phone rang three times in a row and I finally decided on the third ring that someone must really want to get ahold of me.

So I answered.

It was Kathy. She was in the field and needed our help.

Her old 32 year old mare had broke her leg in the night.

We hurried down there and it was a sad gruesome sight. The leg was mangled, the bare bone sticking way out, and the hoof just hanging by a bit of skin. The poor mare had lost a lot of blood and it was clear that she needed to be put out of her misery and quick.

Thankfully, Richard was willing and OH and Kathy did not have to watch or do it themselves. It was quick and humane and the little old mare was put to rest.

We all cried and hugged as we walked back up to the house, but we all knew it was the right thing to do.

Since there ended up being tornado warnings and nasty thunderstorm warnings for that day, we all decided it was best just to unpack the horses and sit the day out for safety. So that afternoon while OH and a friend were burying the horse, Kathy took us out to lunch, and after the warnings expired, she took us over to the Natural Bridge, a well known landmark in Kentucky. It was a drizzly day so we had the place to ourselves. The short but steep walk was beautiful and we all enjoyed our hike and getting to see the natural phenomenon. We finished the day with pizza at a local favorite where they hosted hikers and climbers in tents and had climbing equipment for sale in the restaurant!

I think the fun afternoon was enjoyable for us, but a good distraction for Kathy that she very much appreciated.

You see, when life takes a wrong turn, sometimes it’s really the right one. It will either put you in the right place at the right time, whether for your benefit, or in this case, to be there for someone else.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes the wrong turn is really the right one! I think I needed to hear that. Miss you guys!

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