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Apache’s Health

So here’s the scoop.

As you know, we have been having issues with Apache’s health. He has been seen by several specialists who have kindly donated their time to evaluate him. He has had unexplainable back pain that was temporarily cured with one remedy, but has come back somewhat since then – though it is definitely improved from his worst point. He has had blood tests, which all came back normal. He has had acupressure, chiropractic, saddle checks, bowen therapy, vet checks, etc. with only slight improvement. But it has come to our belief, as well as some of our advisers, that Apache has Lyme Disease.

If you google Lyme Disease online and spend ridiculous amounts of time researching as I have done, you will learn that blood tests for Lyme Disease are often inaccurate due to the way the virus coats itself to appear to be a normal part of the blood – therefore it is often overlooked. When it is not easily detectable, antibiotics often will not work to completely get rid of the disease. The symptoms of Lyme Disease in horses are hard to detect and often are not present. But I read on a few different websites concerning the disease in horses that some horses exhibit an ultra sensitivity to touch- as in they flinch away at even a gentle touch, they often act achy all over, they have swollen glands, they become irritable, have a lack of energy, and they either have shifting lameness or they walk like they are on eggshells. Apache is not lame, but the rest of the list describes him perfectly. He is also the only horse we have that came from back East where Lyme Disease is unfortunately, quite common. My mom’s horse had Lyme Disease a couple years ago, and Apache is acting very similar to what she described in her horse. We have listened to the advice of two homeopathic practitioners who work with horses, and both agree that he has Lyme Disease; and that is what my gut tells me as well. We have had great success in the past with using homeopathic sources. For example, Richard was extremely and inexplicably ill a few years ago, but all his blood tests showed that he was healthy. After consulting many doctors unsuccessfully, we chose to seek the advice of homeopathic practitioners who were able to detect a bacteria and parasite issue in his blood, which was quickly cured by


all natural means, restoring Richard to health. Since traditional methods have not determined Apache’s problem, we are once again taking the advice of the homeopathic practitioners and will be treating Apache for Lyme Disease.

So what’s next? Right now, it’s hurry up and wait. God has given us a most gracious family to spend some time with. They are aware of this complication and have invited us to stay as long as needed to get Apache fixed. Since the medicine is specialized, it had to be mail ordered and will arrive in a couple days. Then for the first week or so of treatment, Apache needs to rest, as the initial shock to the virus will be hard on his body. Once he starts to show signs of improvement for a few days, we can then continue moving down the trail at a slow pace until Apache’s energy and comfort return. During that time, Richard and I will take turns riding his horse and just let Apache carry his saddle so he doesn’t have to work very hard.

In the meantime, we’d be grateful for your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for Apache, as well as blessings on the May family for their generosity. Hopefully, we will be back on the trail heading East before you know it!


  1. Wow!!!! Haven’t been on for a while. Sooo sorry to hear about Apache. When I was back in VA. last summer when my brother died I found out all about lyme disease. I didn’t have it, but my contractors wife and daughter had it and they had many complications. They also had many horses and they had had it. Please try not to have any more bad news. I have told Karen about your blog and both she and I wish you both and your animals a much better journey from now on.
    Our thoughts and love are w/ you both,

  2. Praying that everything goes well with Apache’s health! How exciting to see you on this journey after it being a lifelong dream! Is there a way to connect with you guys when you’re over my way so I can drive down and maybe see you?

  3. so sorry to hear of Apache’s health woes, but know that you are taking heed, and researching as well as following as your heart and mind directs. my prayers and hopes are with you and Richard, and for healing and strength. see you in Pennsylvania after your long journey. Peace and love.

  4. I know you will all make it through this. Praying for Apache to deal well with the treatment. We all send our love and prayers, and blessings to your new sponsor! Be well!

  5. hey friends!! mom and i got the update and have been so sorry for how things have been lately. at the same time – what a blessing in disguise! you’ve had a rare opportunity to visit with a generous family whom you may never have gotten to know before. and the obvious truth that the enemy has no desire to see you two grow together and continue on in obedience to our Father – a goal to serve and love and share Him with so many. and not just when the camp opens – but now! while you’re out there – HE IS USING YOU!!! our pray for you both (and your furry friends) is that you grow from this amazing experience as i’m sure you already have by leaps and bounds! in your marriage, your friendship, your relationship with the Lord, in every way He sees fit. we love and miss you!

  6. Hang in there, guys! It’s just another step on the road of a grand adventure! Hang in there and use this time to visit with God and connect with each other. Rest is good for you, too! Not just Apache!
    Sending lots of loves your way, from Savannah, Nathanael and Gabriel! We LOVE you!

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