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Atlantic or Bust!!!!

Here we go!!! Finally heading East. Can’t believe the day is here already! Excited and nervous…. crying as we say goodbye. But way looking forward to the last 800 miles! :)

In T minus 10 minutes we are pulling out….. can’t believe it!!!!!!


  1. Way to go and grow! You will be a blessing and be blessed along the way! I will be praying for you everyday and here for you when you need assistance! Take care from our clan to yours! Juli Hooks

  2. It was so hard to watch you leave and so Great at the same time. We love you all and can’t wait to see you at the end. God is good all the time.
    LUV YA , Ben says to give Bella a kiss.

  3. Best of luck to you and all the critters for a safe and smooth rest of your journey! I’m so glad you were able to get the rest and recuperation you needed to carry on. You can do this, you have a lot of people who believe in you! Lots of love,

    Lisa & Jeff

  4. WOW! You are not going to believe this but we are also riding across the country on horseback from the West Coast to the East. We started out in August 10, 2010 from Ft Braggs CA heading to the East coast of North Carolina. We are in Oklahoma now after wintering in NM. Our mission is to pray for our leaders, country, military, friends, family, and enemies because that is what God commands us to do. We also had a dream to have a facility like yours but it was not God’s plan at that time. God Bless you and keep in touch please. You can follow us on Facebook-Lynn Tuggle Would love to hear back from you

  5. Well, Richard and Jeannette, I see a lot more people have fallen in love with you and will be praying and supporting you on your journey to ‘build’ your dream. So excited for you that you are on the road again! I will be checking in each day and praying. Love and Hugs!

  6. Yeehawwwww!!! So excited!!!! Godspeed, my friends! The Lord is watching over you to protect and bless you, to provide for you and to bless others through you! It’s happening every day. :)

  7. Soooo excited for you to be back in the saddle again! God will be with you all the way. Will be praying for you everyday and keeping track. Love and miss ya…Kelia
    Mary sends her love too. She had a ball with Momma Bella :)

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