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Austin, Nevada- a special town

We have passed though a lot of sweet, friendly, special towns as we have ridden our horses across the country. The people who have become part of our lives are the best thing about each of these places. But Austin, the town, has taken a special place in our hearts. It is a tiny town of under 200 residents that used to be a bustling silver mining community of about 10,000! Austin has a lot of charm, history, and friendliness. Everyone knows everyone- and knows where they are and what they are doing! There are hundreds of old mines around – scattered throughout the hills- and many remnants of old homesteads. The buildings are rustic, full of antiques, and hold many stories. There is a fantastic jewelry store that I drooled over and will have to come back to! Richard and I ate delicious burgers at the “International”, the oldest hotel/restaurant in the westWe met a lovely couple who were retired pastors and they kindly bought our lunch (and added dessert!), downloaded music to our phone, and gave us contacts for down the trail.
The locals have been tremendously helpful. Ted and Trevor had to head to California for a job with their business, so we looked up the contacts they had worked on and started planning our water stops for the next leg to Eureka. The ranchers are very knowledgeable, as were many of the townspeople. And if we needed to talk to someone in particular, well, they’d either tell us where they lived- or make a couple phone calls and look down the street until they were located!
Then there is Reuben and “Sissy”, our primary helpers and new friends in Austin. Reuben arranged our camping spot for the rest stop,donated some hay, showed us around town and introduced us to many people, drove us through the hills on a scenic tour, brought us coffee in the mornings, and offered to help us with water drops to get us to the next town. His wife, Sissy, used to be a chef and cooked us several amazing meals, as well as gave us some pretty special gifts to share with our families. Once again, we have been blown away by the hospitality we have encountered as we ride across America. The beginning phase of Hearts Up Ranch, as well as our personal lives, have been and continue to be so enriched by the special people we meet. We know we will have to make an occasional pilgrimage across the country to visit all our friends on our ride route- by car of course!


  1. Love how all these folks are part of your lives. Here’s an idea for saturation: Contact George Knapp
    Email him at:

    He does a radio show out of Las Vegas…really neat guy and does a lot of coverage on Wild Mustangs.
    He would be glad to know about your trip..maybe a radio interview or some TV coverage.
    Go for it. I thought you should do it in case you wanted to leave him your phone no.
    Go for it.
    Broadcast the good news….and bring joy to more people!
    God’s radio station is….TGNT …There is good news today!

  2. Glad you are all back on track and making such ggod progress! I just rode over Hiway 50 last week, looked for you, but never spotted the horses from the road. Glad to see the journey is still bringing so many wonderful folks into your lives.

    From Austin to Eureka, and on to Ely, is some really pretty country, seemd like more hills and vegetation than the western half of NV to me when I rode thru.

    The local paper here in Plumas County has run 2 really ni8ce articles, hopefully we can get another update when you hit the Rockies. I sent releases to all the Reno. Carson City papers – don’t know if they did anything with them.

    Love reading the blog, thanks for the updates!
    Bruce from FRC

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