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Back in Civilization!

Oh how I love showers. Ya know, I was one of those kids that never really cared if I took one or not. I could rot for a week and not care. But I had the access to a shower. In the last 13 days, we had no access to a shower. Or a phone. Or a bed. Or a computer. Or another human being. Or potable water. I could go on. So after having no choice but to live with the sand in my clothes, in my food, in my hair, in my sleeping bag, everywhere- a warm shower with clean water felt like Heaven. I stepped out of the bathroom and said to my still filthy husband (he was sweet and let me go first. I didn’t emerge from the bathroom for one hour!) “And then God made showers and said that it was Good, and it Was!” Richard jumped right in after me! We aren’t as tan as we thought, but oh, to not have sand EVERYWHERE…. it’s good to be back in civilization. I always thought I could live in the woods like an old time Indian, maybe live in a tree- but now I appreciate a roof over my head…. and showers. :)

So we are now in Blanding, Utah- just a few short miles from the Colorado border. We are all exhausted from this very long stretch of tough, dry, and remote desert. We are glad to have made it safely and now have a few days of rest at a lovely host’s home. Over the next few days, I will share with you our many stories, adventures, trials, and pictures from the last few weeks that we have had no computer access. In the meantime, we will rest, then continue to Colorado where we will update you again.

During this time, we have one pressing prayer request. Satchmo has come up lame. His back left leg has something wrong with it. He is not able to bring it all the way forward when he walks. We are not sure if he pulled something, or if he just plain needs a well earned rest. Prayers for his healing will be much appreciated.

Thank you all for keeping up with our progress, for your concerns and prayers for our safety, and for your continued support and encouragement. Please enjoy this next set of blogs, as it brings me joy to share them with you.

Love and hugs, Jeannette and Richard, Tiska, Apache, Satchmo, and Fiddle


  1. Hi Richard and Jeannette! So glad to see your blog. We are praying for good travel time and safety to get over the Rockies before snow comes. Very glad you took a more southern route. Judy and HK are Aunt and Uncle…Jonathan and Amy Russell brought Abigail into our midst on Wed. We are enjoying the cool down for Northern CA but hoping you do not cool down too much in the next month! We will add Satchmo to our prayers and will include you all in this evening’s prayer time as our Bible study meets here. Rest up and gain new strength. We love you, Janet

  2. Suggestion…I know “shoes” are a “dirty” word but…If his angle is to low a 3degree (or 4) wedge pad under a shoe would make it easier for him to break over and relieve his tendons.

  3. Wondering how you got through this past stretch without water for the horses….assuming no potable water meant for them too. Prayers for all and especially SACH!

  4. Glad you guys are okay, sounds like it was a tough stretch! I missed reading about your adventures lately! Best wishes for Satchmo’s recovery!! Love you both, hope you get all the rest you need.

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