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Baker, Nevada and Great Basin National Park

Although we have only ridden for three days, we planned to stop in Baker to see the national park. We stayed at the Baker Ranch, a cattle operation owned and run by an incredibly nice family. We knew they were ok when they fed us a home grown t-bone steak dinner! What a treat! :) They treated us like family as well as helped us plan our “attack” on Utah- concerning water and what route to take. The first leg will be heading a bit south towards Beaver, and from there, we will decide how to get through all the canyon areas of Eastern Utah.

We enjoyed our ‘play day’ when we visited Great Basin National Park. First, we drove (in the Baker’s car) up to 10,000 feet, then we hiked a few miles up to see the Bristlecone Pine trees- the oldest single species in the world. Some are as old as 4,000 years- twice as long ago as the birth of Jesus Christ! That’s mind boggling- since all of our modern calendars are based around His birth. Those are some OLD trees! The oldest one we had the privilege of seeing was about 3,200 years old. Unfortunately, they keep the location of the very oldest ones secret to protect them from vandalism. I was very excited to see them, as I have wanted to ever since I saw a picture of them in a history book back in high school. We also hiked up further to get a view of a glacier and a stunning panorama of mountains.

Back at the visitor center, we took a tour of Lehman Caves, an underground cavern. If you have never been on a tour of a large cave system, I highly recommend it. This was Richard’s first time, and we both thoroughlyenjoyed it. The caves are stunningly intricate and fascinating to walk through- a testament to the creativity and complexity of our Creator. What a wonderful finale to the state of Nevada!

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  1. Interesting how some folks can ride right into your heart. That was our blessing when Jeanette and Richard showed up at our place in Beaver, UT on August 8, 2010. They, along with the rest of their family; Satchmo, Apache, Fiddler and little iceland pony, (can’t remember her name) enriched our lives as we shared stories of horses and mules past and dinners and breakfasts for a day and a half. Hopes and prayers for safe travels will now follow from our hearts as they continue their journey east.
    Happy Trails and may God bless you along the way.
    Dayle and Kathy

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