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Being helped by the Best of the Best

There are not even words to express the gratitude we have toward the local equine professionals in the Lexington area. This “horse capitol of the world” is well known for having the best vets and equine practicioners of all sorts in the world. We pulled into the Horse Park with a great concern- Apache’s back problem is back. Remember how we couldn’t even touch him in California? It took alot of heads getting together on the problem, but eventually, we treated him for Lyme Disease and he was like a brand new horse. But now he is having back issues again.

No sooner did we get settled at the Park when we were met by Patty Mitchell, a vibrant and passionate equine therapist. She has a heart for horses and Jesus and had stumbled across our website, contacted us, and offered her service and skills to pamper our horses during their stay at the Horse Park! What a blessing! She immediately got to work on Apache as well as the others doing ultrasound, ultra violet light, electric stimulation, etc. There was a noticeable improvement in comfort level right away. Patty has continued to work on the horses and especially Apache throughout the week that we have been in Lexington and plans to continue while we are here. She has also been instrumental in connecting us with other individuals and businesses who are supportive of Hearts Up Ranch and also wish to help us with our needs on this cross country ride.

Additionally, Cindy from the Kentucky Horse Park got us connected with a world renown veterinary office called “Rood and Riddle.” They are donating their services and asked Dr. Hannah Welman to take a look at Apache and do blood tests. So far, everything has come back normal. We plan to take Apache into the office on Wednesday, so please pray for an “aha” moment for the vets so we can figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

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