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Bella’s first camp out

March has a way of tricking you. It’s amazing how one day, you are feeling like summer is just around the corner and the next, you can’t find enough layers to put on! We nearly shivered to death the day we left Schofield. We ended up putting on every layer we had on our saddle horses then wishing we hadn’t packed the rest of them on the pack horses where we couldn’t get to them. So we walked…. and walked…. and walked. We just could not get warm. I even broke out another set of hand warmers; I had TWO pairs of warmers in my gloves and still my hands were cold! The strange thing was- it wasn’t even all that cold out- probably not worse than the upper thirties. Granted, it was dreary, cloudy, and breezy- but we had been through much worse and stayed much warmer. So we kept walking. Our horses had it easy that day!

Then it hit us- it was DAMP! There was tons of humidity in the air. After living in the Rockies for years where the humidity almost never gets above 30%, we were chilled to the bones because of the dampness in the air and humidity well over 80%. No wonder we were having a hard time handling the cold! We just aren’t used to this much moisture. NOW I understand why my uncle from Alaska- the man who deals with -60 degrees on a regular basis- always froze when he came to visit us in Connecticut when the temperature was in the 30’s! It’s just bizzare how much difference moisture makes when it comes to handling cold. Yep- we are definitely in a new climate.

During that day, we had a special surprise visitor from Amy, a lady who has been following our progress online. She had heard about us quite a while ago and had driven down to meet us. We always enjoy meeting those who support our mission and dream and getting to hear their story too.

Having had no idea where we would be stopping for the night, we were delighted when a young family drove by, asked what we were up to, then invited us to their home for the night. They offered an acre pasture for the horses, a shower, a warm stove to take away our chill, and a lovely spot under a huge pine tree to camp. So we dusted off the tent and went to setting it up- excited to see how Bella would handle being cooped up in a tent for the night.

In the meantime, our hosts made us homemade fried chicken- a local favorite. We have enjoyed sampling various fried chicken recipes as we make our way across Missouri. The kids had a blast playing with Bella, and Bella had a blast playing with their tiny little dog who ran hysterical circles like a nutcase around the horses in excitement! The horses, of course, ignored the whole thing!

After a hot shower, a warm dinner, and getting rid of the chill from the day next to the stove, we were ready to brave the tent. Despite the cold temperatures of the night, we were well prepared and stayed toasty warm. Bella was adorable as usual and behaved perfectly well inside the tent.

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  1. hey… first time in a tent since colorado right? glad it went well. It’s snowed here the last two mornings. not enough to amount to anything, just enough to be cold.

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