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Blind corners and an”Oversized Load”

Thankfully, we knew ahead of time that Little Antelope Pass on Highway 50 was going to be tricky. It has a lot of sharp blind corners with no shoulder- which are not exactly safe for riding horses on. As we approached the pass, we began searching for alternate places we could ride to get over this mountain range. We found a nice dirt road that took us through the juniper trees, then back out to the highway, but we were able to avoid two of the tight turns. Then we followed the fiber optic ‘pipeline’ that we have so intimately come to know as we follow highway 50. We were generally able to go around the guardrails where the pipeline went, down into a gully or small meadow, and back up on the other side of the guardrail past the worst part of the corners. One of these detours got pretty sketchy, as they had dumped a lot of concrete and very large rocks to prevent erosion in a very steep area. Of course, these were right in the path to get back on the road and around the cliff face, so our horses became mountain goats for a brief moment. They are getting strong though, so they handled it well.

Then we came to a blind corner with no options. No meadow, no guard rail to go around, no gully or dry creek bed to follow, just a rock wall on either side. We stopped on the narrow shoulder before the bend and contemplated what to do. We listened intently and thought we heard something, but weren’t sure. I wanted to hesitate and wait, but Richard felt strongly that we shouldn’t wait where we were. It wasn’t the safest place anyhow. So we made a run for it- we trotted as fast as we could around that corner to some grass where we could get off the road and calm our nerves. I was glad that Richard had insisted on listening to God’s quiet but urgent prompting in his gut, because no sooner did we get off the road when a large trailer truck with a tremendously large and wide load came around the corner with its escort trucks. Simultaneously, a truck came flying around the corner from the other direction and had to run slightly off the road to avoid being creamed by the wide load. We likely would have been hit had we stayed and waited instead of making a run for it. Praise God for our safety and thank you once again for all your prayers on our behalf.

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