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Blowing Away

Shortly after leaving Celestia’s home, we realized we were in for it today- a wildly windy day! We rode down South R0ad most the day where the scenery was mostly cut down corn fields. When the wind picked up, the husks and pieces of  corn stalk still laying on the ground would come flying at us, then skit noisily down the pavement on the road. The horses weren’t sure what to make of this sound. It was pretty crazy at one point- it was so windy that most of the road was covered in a sea of blowing, skiting, corn husks. Then the tumbleweeds started rolling at us. Huge ones- three feet or more in diameter- were a bit tough for the horses to handle flying at them full speed ahead across a horse pasture. Then they’d get stuck at the fence and role down the fenceline with us as we walked. All considering, the horses handled this really well, but they are still horses, and their instinct was to want to run away from these scary things blowing in the wind! We had to stay on our toes all day to keep them calm. The worst part of it was the dust. There were clouds of dirt in the air from the wind- you could see it coming up from the fields and filling the sky with a brown haze. We were chewing grit all day, and our eyes became so full of dirt it was hard to blink. That was no fun. We started asking around to see if this was normal wind for Kansas flats that we’d have to get used to or if it was unusually strong. The general consensus was that Kansas and Eastern Colorado are breezy almost always, but not usually this bad. Phew! I know a person can get used to alot, but with that much wind- I’d be buying goggles if that was normal!

Pastor Jake stopped by to check on us and see if we had a place to stay for the night yet. We were originally going to stay at Susan’s house, but it was determined that it would be dark by the time we got there. Jake suggested Walk A Mile Arena on highway 50. The name rang a bell and I checked my notes to realize that the waitress back in Westcliffe had given me her name and number! So I called the owners, who of course had already heard of us from her friend in Westcliffe, and they welcomed us to put our horses in their arena while we enjoyed a couple days off (again) for Thanksgiving. Susan came by with hay for them, then brought us home with her. We enjoyed the evening with her and her son, then went to bed excited about our plans for the next day….. Thanksgiving!

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