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Boiling Springs Resort

Nestled in the southeast corner of the Mark Twain National Forest just a little southwest of Licking, MO is Boiling Springs Resort. They were a willing host for a night, and they were right on our route. Just a mile from the place, a friendly and kind lady pulled over and offered her corral for our horses- just up the hill from the resort. We had planned on high-lining them. It seemed like a better option since they were going to be so close and the resort owners offered to drive us back and forth. So we unpacked the horses at her house- all the while keeping a close eye on Bella who was a bit too interested in their chickens.

Their young boy was holding his favorite pretty black and white chicken, showing her off for us. Bella seized the opportunity and suddenly there was mass chaos! The chicken was flapping wildly, the boy yelled as it surprised him and flapped him in the face, feathers were flying everywhere, and Bella had a healthy mouthful of feathers too. The chicken escaped the boy’s grasp and took off- Bella hot on its heels! I was fumbling for the collar control and finally zapped her while Richard dove and tackled her to the ground! The whole scene made such a ruckus that the neighbors came running over to see if everyone was ok! The boy was fine, the chicken escaped with hurt pride and a few missing feathers, and Bella got ‘what-for’ from us. Scavenger though she may be, stray dog that she was- eating chickens is no longer an option! The next morning that we rode, she had at least learned her lesson for now, because while we were saddling- a chicken walked by and she turned her head away and got as far away from it as she could!

Wayne from the resort picked us up and we got settled into our cozy little cabin for the night. I had been struggling with a sore throat and not feeling the best, and no sooner did we get down to the cabin, I was hit hard with vicious chills and a fever. I got the flu. I couldn’t believe that just a week and a half after getting over the last cold, here I was sick again. Thankfully, Wayne and Judy, the owners of the resort were kind and allowed us to stay until I was better. At least it only lasted two days so I was back on my feet pretty quickly.

The afternoon that I was feeling better, I asked Richard to take me for a short walk to get some fresh air and see if I really was feeling better. So we took Bella and headed over to the natural phenomenon that is the namesake of the resort. Right next to the bank of the river was probably a 10 square foot section of water that literally looked like it was boiling. It was a spring coming up from under the river that spewed 12 million gallons of water a day! The water was a noticeably different color than the rest of the lake. Now make no mistake, this was not a hot spring- it was cold! But we remembered how natural spring water is supposed to be really good and energizing to your body, so we decided to soak our feet. The pictures show you what we thought of the cold water! Bella thought it was a good idea to! We quite enjoyed, once our feet went numb, sitting there next to the river, relaxing, and watching the water boil and Bella run around. It was a pretty spot, a refreshing soak, and a nice stay at the resort. Too bad we weren’t there in the summer to enjoy their float trips down the river!

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  1. I love this journey, will you all be coming through Austin? If so, check your email, I would love to host you all (horses too) and meet you all in person!! God works in ways beyond what we can imagine =)

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