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Born to be Free

Our fourth day of riding out of Middlegate turned out to be pretty special. We finally made a good dinner and had a respectable night’s sleep- so we started off on the right foot. Tiska had been slightly lame yesterday due to a losing battle with Satchmo during one of their panics in the night. Today, she seemed much better. Since the horses slept too, they walked out at a good clip.
Our first sight of the morning was right out of a movie. Apache saw it first- the very first rays of sunlight flashing and shimmering on a white blur- a gorgeous lone mustang stallion galloping over to check us out. He pranced back and forth, tossing his head with sassy pride, while the sun sparkled off his beautiful long white mane and tail. He didn’t dare to get closer than a few hundred feet, but we stopped and just watched this free spirited beauty. I couldn’t believe how much like an Andalusian he looked, and I asked him out loud if he wanted to come be my horse. He tossed his head and as if on cue, turned and galloped towards his vast open freedom. We started walking again, watching him as we went. He was heading over a mountain and soon, he impressed us so much we had to stop again. We watched with dropped jaws as he took not the sloping route up the mountain- but went straight up the steep rock face! We have ridden in some crazy terrain, but we could not believe our eyes that a horse could make this climb- it was absolutely incredible!
We had a monumental breakthrough with Apache today too. The Lyme Disease treatment is working so well and many affected body issues are healing. His tender feet have improved so fast that he was able to walk barefoot for the entire day! We had our first 100% barefoot ride day- two days in a row!
While we were riding down the road to Austin, a van pulled over and a camera man and reporter jumped out and started filming! Before we knew it, we were being interviewed for a Highway 50 special on HDNET  TV with NATIONAL coverage! The guys told us about 3 girls who were biking across America and who were also stopping in Austin for the night. We ended up meeting them when we went looking for root beer floats (which tasted amazing!) and they came and camped with us at the horse arena. We shared lots of stories, a campfire, and smores. The funny thing was- they had only been traveling for a week! What a different perspective, yet still an amazing journey either way!


  1. I am still overwhelmed and overjoyed by who you are and how ENORMOUS an undertaking this is. So glad you were blessed to see the awesome majesty of a gorgeous FREE wild mustang…and GOOD FOR HDNET TV getting with it about more coverage on your amazing adventure. Maybe they got a clue when so many people purchased the Kandahar clip (as I did…left comments on FB or earlier blog.)
    So appreciate your daily comments and photos. Grateful you are filling your tank with sleep and root beer floats too. More publicity opportunities will come in unexpected times and places, so be prepared!

    God gives great opportunities to those who are prepared…
    Inspiration + preparation + saturation = SUCCESS!

  2. You all are making some tracks now! The updates on the daily blog are great! What a great journey!

    Keep the faith!

    Best wishes,


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