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Bow Fishing

First there’s frog gigging, now there’s bow fishing! It seems we are becoming southernized. :) I’ve heard of spear fishing, but I had no idea you could shoot fish with a bow and arrow.

So Talli and Ronnie got their young friend Luke, an avid bow fisher, to take us out. We were joined also by new friends Shannon and Aaron. At eight pm, we headed out on the river in a boat made just for this sport. Luke shone a powerful light in the water to spot the fish, and we would all take turns shooting. There were alot of wet arrows reeled back in!

By 10 pm, Ronnie, Luke, and Richard had all gotten one. They were quite large fish- nearly two feet long. Richard’s was a cat fish which we were quite looking forward to eating! We dropped off half the crew on shore- they had to get up for work in the morning. The goal was to stay out until I got one. I took all the first shots and Ronnie and Richard shot at it again if it didn’t swim away.

2 1/2 hours later…. after midnight… I FINALLY got one! I was soooo excited. I’ve never ‘fished’ for 4 1/2 hours before. I find fishing entirely boring. I like to go catching. But bow fishing- that was way more fun! After the first catch, I caught two more in less than a half hour, and Richard got another as well. After loading the boat and gutting fish, we finally made our way home after 2 am! What an experience and a blast! (And yes- we did chow down on fish the next day!)


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