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Broken Camera Woes

So, the only thing that is a constant in life is, well, change. Our plan to ride 4 days in a row has been thwarted by our broken camera of all things! I took a picture, went to turn it off, and just like that – it died! The zoom is stuck out, it makes noises, the shutter is open, you can’t see any picture on the screen, and you can’t tell if it’s on or off. Yup- it’s dead. Thanks to the sweet woman in Best Buy in Brentwood (as opposed to the other Best Buys I called who wouldn’t help) who talked to her manager and they have approved an in store exchange instead of a 3-4 week send away. Thus, we are taking an early rest to go get a new camera. It’s ok though- the horses just walked about 15 miles for 3 days in a row and they’re pretty tired. Actually – yesterday was more like 17 miles! We are grateful, though, that this particular Best Buy is willing to work with us so that we can continue to preserve our memories from this trip.

A random question for horse owners – Does anyone have any good ideas or experience on how to prevent the back corners and edges of the saddle pads from rubbing the hair off the horses? We keep taking weight out of our saddle bags, but the hair keeps getting rubbed shorter and shorter. We’d be thankful for any suggestions through experience. It’s just another challenge of adjusting to a ‘long ride.’ Please contact us through our website. Have a lovely Thursday (today IS Thursday, right?!


  1. What about lambs skin hide? Very light and lamb’s wool on one side.
    Have some if you need it.
    Sorry about your camera. Still working on 2nd banner.
    Stay warm.

  2. What a great duo. The McGraths are bedded down on the river at our cabin. What a treat to see the horses galloping across the lawn! They are an awesome team and seem to meet every challenge with determination and faith. Trying to fill them up with fresh fruits and the vegetables they are craving. I’m not sure if you can fill Richard up!!! I will be able to go check on them for the next few days until they get out of the valley, do some recon and find some open hearts to take them in. I’ll sure miss them, my daughter will cry when the horses aren’t here to feed and love. Being a part of their adventure has made my rather dull life a little more exciting. I feel blessed to have met them, and pray every night for their safety and success.

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