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Catching Cold

(One note: please forgive the lack of pictures on the next few blogs. I am working with a VERY slow computer and am unable to load any. Sorry for the “boring” text without photos!)

I give up predicting. There’s no predicting this trip!

On Monday, Richard and I spent the whole day getting ready to go. After two wonderful days of visiting old friends, it was time to finish the work. We went through the boxes we had had mailed to us, figured out where to put everything, decided what to send home to compensate for the new weight, and weighed the panniers out ahead of time. I was feeling kind of lousy, but determined to leave in the morning anyhow.

The morning came and Richard could tell I was running a fever so he didn’t even bother waking me up. I spent the next 5 days trying to get better from the lingering cold. I would have pushed through except that my hot and cold spells would go away and I’d think I was getting over it; then then were back the next day. I didn’t dare push through a fever; besides, I didn’t want to get any future hosts sick. I was worried enough as it was that Matthew and Heather might get sick.

So far, so good with them. But being the ever generous wife, I did share my cold with Richard! So then we were stuck several more days. We were utterly grateful for the York’s hospitality and their frequent assurance that we were welcome to stay as long as we needed. We weren’t planning on staying THAT long!

During that time, we had a…. um …. ‘incident’…. that caused us to have no choice but to stay several more days- feeling better or not. That gets a whole blog unto itself tomorrow! :)

Just as Richard was feeling a little better, Bella came in after a day of playing with Jax and Buster, the York’s dogs, with a significant limp. Great. Just great. I said to Heather, “Here’s another development in the saga of the ‘rest stop’ at the Yorks!” It turned out not to be anything serious. She was fine in the morning. But Richard still wasn’t ready to go in the morning anyhow.

All these delays ended up be perfect timing. It turned out that Bella’s incision from getting spayed got infected. Probably due to her enjoyment of the York’s pond! It got pretty bad and she was definitely not in traveling shape. We got her antibiotics in a hurry and nursed her back to health while we were nursing ourselves back to health. She slowly regained her strength and energy throughout the week, and we were quite literally glad we had gotten sick when we did so that she had plenty of time to heal too. Looking back, I find it fascinating that we have been sick bad enough to stop on this trip ONLY when one of our animals was also very sick or hurt. Hmmmm. :)

But that unexpected delay time did give us the opportunity to really get to know Heather and Matthew. Since we had ridden all the way from Colorado to see them, what better people to get to know?! We learned that they are truly generous, thoughtful, good people. We spent lots of time talking, playing games, watching movies, and doting on Bella.  After Bella’s surgery, she was allowed in the house to heal, and then she stole everyone’s hearts! She was quite the ham! She’d roll around acting cute, make husky style noises asking for attention, walk from Heather to Matt to me to Richard and round and round getting pets from everyone, and generally being the center of attention. She’s quite good at that actually. It continues to amaze me how good she is at making friends with both dogs and people. She’s a natural social butterfly!

Matthew and Heather should get a standing ovation on their hospitality and new friendship. We felt bad invading their home for two weeks when it was only supposed to be four days! They were gracious, amazing hosts who made us feel comfortable to stay as long as necessary to recuperate and get on the road. They fed us quite well, introduced us to their friends, family, and wonderful parents, helped us with little projects, and became quite wonderful friends. In fact, we all had a hard time saying goodbye. But it was, after all, quite time get on the road again!

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