Going Home and Adjusting

New Job AND new Home!

It’s been a fast two months since we have arrived home. Lots of adjustments and changes  too.  The great news is, as of this week, both Jeannette and Richard are now employed! Richard continues to work for Broulim’s (and has still not adjusted to night shift) and Jeannette started her first day of work today as supervisor at the Kennel at Spring Creek Animal

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Well, I thought I was going to get by unscathed in adjusting to altitude this time. I wasn’t struggling with headaches, cramping, shortness of breath, migraines, or any of my other normal altitude adjustment complaints. But this time I got surprised by a new symptom I had not experienced before- an inner ear infection. Apparently, (according to google!) it’s not all that uncommon to

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Going Home- Part 3

When we arrived at Lonnie and Theresa’s, we still did not know how we were getting from Colorado up to Wyoming. But with the help of Theresa, the Cowboy Church, Susan who hosted us for part of our first Thanksgiving on the trail, and several other locals, we eventually were offered a ride. ….  whom we had never met, offered to drive us all the way

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