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Caught us by TOTAL surprise!!!

This Saturday was a day we had been looking forward to for several weeks. My aunt and uncle from Texas had planned to drive up and visit us while we were directly north of them in Stockton. But unfortunately, my uncle had called me last night to give us the sad news that they had gotten very sick and were not able to make it. We were all very disappointed, but what can ya do?

So we re-planned the day and were going to spend it going down to Springfield with Matthew and Heather to get a few things we needed that required bigger stores than the little town of Stockton could offer. Plus, there’s a famous restaurant down there called Lambert’s that they wanted to take us to. We were so excited because we had heard about it several times- starting back in California!!!

We had breakfast with Matthew’s parents again and listened to ourselves on the radio. :) We had been interviewed yesterday and they played the recording this morning.

We headed back to the house to grab a few things before we drove down to the city. We were putting our shoes on to head to the car when someone drove in the driveway. We were absolutely shocked when our dear friends Jon and Michelle from Lancaster, Pennsylvania got out!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! What in the world were they doing in Missouri??!!! They had come to see us- that’s what!!! They were celebrating their anniversary and Valentine’s Day with a long weekend by coming to see us! We were so honored and it made us feel so special. They managed to pull it off without us having a clue. I just couldn’t believe it! (But then again we didn’t hear about the Gulf oil spill until a month after it happened nor did we hear about the guys in Chile caught in the mine until the day they were bringing them out! I guess I shouldn’t be that shocked! We don’t exactly have antennas on our horses!)

So we all decided to keep our plans of going to Springfield and they came with us. We rode in their van on the hour drive down and got to do a lot of catching up. It was so nice to see them again. We had a blast just hanging out, going to a few stores, and walking through the incredible Bass Pro store down there. They had fish, live ducks, an alligator, waterfalls, and all kinds of incredible scenery and creative decor inside. One room even looked like you were walking on the bottom of a lake! It was really neat!

We finished our shopping and got in line at Lambert’s. We were pre-warned that the line is always at least an hour long no matter what time of day you get there!

Hors d’oeuvres were served on our napkins,  meals were served in huge old fashioned skillets, and side dishes were carried around and scooped out of metal cans. Plus, any time you wanted a dinner roll- you had to catch it! They would literally throw them at you! The Yorks informed us that the entertainment had been better when they had come before, but we enjoyed it- especially since we had new friends and old dear friends to visit with.

Bella behaved very well while we were gone. We had tried a few short times a driving away and seeing if she’d stay with the York’s dogs in the yard. She did, so we had left her outside all day when we went to Springfield. She was still there when we got back and very excited to greet us. This lifestyle will make her very flexible with her situations in a hurry- just like it has done to the rest of us! She really is adjusting well.

We got to visit a little longer with Jon and Michelle before they headed back to their hotel. They had to drive back east in the morning. Thank you guys for the time and effort you took to come see us along the trail and for your commitment to friendship. We enjoyed it immensely and you made us feel very special.

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  1. It was so much fun to see you all again! I hope the rest of your trip goes well. we are praying for you all!

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