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Chaos at the Corner Gas Station!

Yup- we went ONE mile today! I guess one is better than none! But it was well worth it. When we were all packed up, Ron let us know that his neighbor called back and they had 30 horses for us to choose from- for free. We unpacked the horses and tied them back up, then got a phone call back that the ‘other half’ vetoed the idea of getting rid of any more horses. Bummer. But they welcomed us over anyhow just in case he changed his mind. We looked at their horses and were offered two as loaners if we wanted to borrow a horse for a while. That was very nice, but we hesitate to do that since there are no guarantees that the horse won’t get hurt, or that I won’t get attached!

So we packed up again and hit the road- at 3:00! We made it one mile to our turn towards Dolores when I got a phone call that the local horse chiropractor was willing to help us and come work on Satchmo. So we met him at the corner gas station and watched as he used a lasor light that worked as accupuncture, as well as chiropractic maneuvers. He showed us some really neat diagnosing tricks for knowing where a horse hurts. Satchmo is walking nearly back to normal now after a second treatment. Kay, the chiropractor, was also kind enough to donate his time on Apache as well. We still have a little trouble managing his sore back, though he has been holding his own pretty well. Kay said that his hips were out of place so he worked on him too. At the same time, I got another phone call from Chris, the contact of the man we met yesterday. She was looking to get rid of a  horse and they were willing to drive it to the corner so we could look at it. He’s a nice big horse with a nice personality, but not free. We really have to explore our options and pray about how much we can spend on a horse. We  refuse to go into debt over it and are trusting God to guide us to the right situation and make it clear if we really should get another horse or not.

We thanked Kay and his wife, our ‘official horse holder’, for all their time, help, and skills. Kay had done a wonderful job working on our horses during the chaos of a corner gas station, people stopping to ask questions, and horses for sale coming for us to look at. His wife had graciously held our horses while our attentions were split many different directions. We hugged them, then saw that we had been there for nearly 4 hours and the sun was going down! Chris, the horse-for-sale owner, drove me in her truck down the road to find a close place for us to stop while Richard waited with the horses. She also invited us to stay at her house tomorrow until we found the right horse. We found a nice man with a round pen for the horses and a barn we could sleep in right around the corner, so we road them for about 5 more minutes and crashed with a big sigh of relief that this crazy busy day was over!


  1. May the winds be always at your back….. My son,Patrick and I will be starting our ride from the east coast in June of 2011. Our ride will be for the Wounded Warrior Project. I am a retired Navy corpsman attached to the Marines for 22 yrs. I wish you well and will foolow you across the U.S. I am sure we will meet some where in the future. Take care. JEF

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