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Christmas by the Fireplace

Christmas day with the Adam’s family (that just sounds funny!) :)….. was relaxing and enjoyable. Richard and I spent the morning around the Christmas tree with Rob and Joyce and their two sweet grandkids. We all opened presents together- theirs in pretty wrapping paper- ours in Priority labeled cardboard boxes! I know our families had a hard time figuring out what to get us, but they all seemed to agree- food and chocolate was the best option! We can’t take much extra weight with us, so it was exactly the best thing to get us during the most unusual Christmastime we’ve ever had! Though my parents say that they are saving some other gifts for us “to open when we get to the East coast…… in August?” I told my mom to expect us sooner than THAT… I hope!

We did, however, receive a few other creative gifts. Richard’s dad sent good quality vitamins- a much needed item to keep up our energy. Joyce gave me a scarf. My older brother sent a weather radio in addition to awesome chocolate, and my younger brother- well that’s a story in itself.

Since neither our gift to him or his gift to us arrived by Christmas, I had fun with it and gave him only one hint- it came out of a latrine! I explained in a previous blog that very cool antiques are found in latrine sites in old ghost towns. (All nasty stuff has turned to dirt many years ago.) His reply? “That’s ok- yours came out of a recycling facility! It smelled so bad I had to hold it out the window on the way home!” We had a great laugh over that one! How many siblings can one up each other on how gross their gift sounds?! :) It turns out that he made us a cool camping oven that can be used with our current kitchen implements along with baking items such as muffins to try.

Thankfully though, we were in a nice home with a real oven for Christmas day. We had nice traditional Christmas dinner with our new friends down next to the fireplace, Richard spent much of the afternoon tickling and playing with the kids, and we finished off the night with an enjoyable movie. Many thanks to the Adams for sharing their home and hearts and hosting us for a Christmas we are sure to never forget!


  1. Good for yall! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. My husband and I own three horses, my 10yr old mare, my 3 yr old stallion and his 11 yr old gelding. If you ever come to Gaylesville,Alabama look us up! We call our place the Sleeping Rabbit Ranch, you’ll be welcome!!

  2. Thanks for sharing our home for a night. We enjoyed the stories and you awakened warm memories from our own pack trip!!! God Bless!!!

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