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Christmas Eve

In honor of Jesus Christ’s birthday, we will pause our story telling until the day after Christmas. Please know that we are warm and joyfully welcomed into the home of Joyce and Rob Adams for a Christmas rest. They are wonderful hosts and we thoroughly enjoy their home and conversation with them. God has blessed us with a wonderful place to spend this special holiday. Though our blogs are a week or two behind like normal, we want you to know that we have made it to Garden City, Kansas and have passed our 2,000 mile mark! Wow! Now that’s worth celebrating at Christmastime!

To answer a question on the comments- yes the coyote was put out of his misery. I am very glad those men we met followed through with it.

To all of our readers, supporters, cheerleaders, encouragers, family, friends, and all the new friends we have met along the way…. may God bless you richly this Christmas for you have richly blessed us. We thank each and every one of you for your acts of kindness great and small- from our week and month long hosts in our greatest times of need, to the smallest comment of encouragement. These are all the greatest gifts we could receive during this journey.

And don’t forget the greatest gift of all….. Jesus Christ. He is after all the whole reason we have this wonderful holiday. Don’t get caught up in the ‘well he really wasn’t born this time of year’ stuff and ‘it’s really the time of year of a pagan holiday.’ Sure, maybe so, but it’s the heart of the celebration that matters- not the time of year. Kind of like if you got married on Christmas day and decide to celebrate another day because it’s too chaotic to really enjoy your anniversary. It’s the heart that matters, not the date. So enjoy the shopping, gift wrapping, food  making, and family visiting….. but remember why we do this…. in honor of Jesus’ birthday. Jesus was born in a manger because the innkeeper had no more rooms left. Having experienced what we have this year, I’m sure they’d have been happy to sleep in the warmth on the kitchen floor instead of in the barn. Like many people have made room in their homes for us on our horseback journey, will you make room for Jesus in your heart? The Bible says “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” When I accepted Jesus as my savior, it was kind of like standing on the edge of a cliff to jump into a deep  pool. There’s a moment of hesitation and fear of the unknown, and then a decision where you just go for it and embrace it.

A great big hug and wishes for the Merriest Christmas ever going out to you and yours.

– Richard and Jeannette McGrath, the board of Hearts Up Ranch, and the equine gang on the Ride Across America

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